I was only 15 and I was perfectly happy until it happened. In school I was a regular guy, not the popular type. And this very bizarre thing happened. I began to notice sudden mood swings and strange feelings inside me. Whenever I was at the playground , I noticed soft winds blowing, dry leaves falling, the football 'flying', tugged out shirts of the boys, sweat drops falling, eyes, the sweet smells, everything! It was spontaneous. I had never paid attention to those things before. Something really strange was happening to me, I realized. At the playground, our bodies touched, our hands touched, our eyes met........and he was the one; this love shit managed to find me......and hey, a guy?? What the hell?? But the feeling was stronger than the curiosity. That day, returning home on my bicycle, I took the long way home, because the feeling was just too intense. I passed the church gate and the soft winds began blowing, making the pink and yellow leaves and flowers fall on me as I rode by. And did I mention his smile? Wow! But it never worked out well. He is a straight guy....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Starting this blog

I am an eighteen year old and just three years ago I found I out I am gay. I not yet over my first love although I know he's straight...


  1. You'll be able to post your thoughts and feelings...in short, what interests you plus gain some perspective from any comments you receive. I hope you're able to learn a lot about yourself in the process. Good luck with your new blog!!! - V